Ice Storage System

Advanced energy saving technology

With the improvement of the quality of life, the electricity utilized by cooling load has a rising proportion in the electricity utilization of the whole urban.

The contradiction between insufficient power supply during peak and excess during valley is prominent, and the power grid load rate is decreasing.

STULZ ice storage system is one of the effective solutions of alleviating the contradiction between power construction and new power consumption.

Solutions for Ice storage system

  • Office buildings

  • Medical institutions

  • Industrial factories

  • Residential buildings

  • Hotels

  • Airports



  • Enabling rational use of electricity price difference between peak and valley times and reducing operating cost of the air conditioning

  • Reducing the capacity of the main refrigeration machine by 30%-70% and the electricity consumption of the air conditioning system and the initial investment in the relevant equipment

  • Making the temperature of the chilled water be as low as 4℃ and being able to achieve air supply under low temperature or large temperature difference and helpful to the medical field

  • Keeping the main chilled water machine operate stably, reducing the frequent start and stop of the refrigerating unit, and improving the utilization rate and the service life of the chiller

  • Achieving easy maintenance and having slightly more initial investment than a traditional air conditioning system but a shorter payback period (about three years)

  • Balancing the loads of the power grid during peak and valley time, improving the generating efficiency of a thermal power plant, and making for national energy saving and emission reduction

  • Acting as an emergency cold source available to refrigerate only with the water pump started during power failure



  • Fast de-icing speed

  • Flexible layout and small floor area

  • Small pressure drop

  • Good emergency capability

  • Available in 2 sizes

  • High reliability and low maintenance

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