STULZ Explorer

Cooling for operationally critical systems

The STULZ Explorer XT device series is a high cost effective chiller for mission critical applications. Our engineers have succeeded in developing a product that combines an efficient performance with attractive price.

Solutions for Explorer XT chillers

  • For large Data Centers

  • Indirect Free Cooling

  • For use in the IT sector



  • Reliability

    The chiller has deliberately been kept robust and flexible. The components and installation logic have been combined in such a way as to ensure the maximum reliability and accessibility of components during service and maintenance work.

  • Efficiency

    The STULZ Explorer XT proves itself to be the acceptable compromise between CAPEX and OPEX considerations.

  • Functional design

    The clear layout and position of functional components guarantee easy installation and fast access (Note: maintenance is already mentioned above).

  • Standardized components

    By using state-of-the-art components that are commonly found on the market, rapid availability of spare parts is guaranteed.

  • Intelligent control

    Its intelligent control system with touch display enables the STULZ Explorer XT to be perfectly operated and controlled.

Optimized coil surfaces

  • The H-shaped condenser modules installed perpendicular to the unit enable optimum air distribution and good service accessibility
  • The use of double coil design reduces the footprint of the heat exchangers for free cooling unit
  • Cyril Chen, Product Manager

    "cost effective design and efficiency are united!"

AC fans

AC fans that are perfectly adapted to the operating point reduce the condensing temperature in DX mode by supplying a maximum airflow, and maximize Free Cooling capacity in Mixed mode..

Variety of options for the STULZ Explorer XT



  • Refrigerant R407C, R134a

  • H-shaped condenser coil

  • Thermal expansion valve as standard

  • AC fans


Control and monitoring  

  • Siemens PLC controller for control and monitoring 
  • Touchscreen display
  • RS485 port with Modbus protocol
  • English / Chinese dual language
  • Multiple protection integrated 
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