CyberMDC Line

All-in-One Solution

The small data center undertakes core businesses of enterprises, institutions or branches, etc.,CyberMDC Line will solve the problems effectively during the construction and operation of small data center.



Application Scenario

  • Secondary bank branches and large sales networks

  • Broadcasting and TV network convergence point and township service point

  • Branches of government department

  • University departments, large primary and secondary schools

  • Community healthcare center

  • Small and medium-sized enterprises and large enterprise branches


Power distribution system

  • Optional high performance UPS

  • Support battery pack or battery cabinet

  • The power distribution module integrates UPS input and output power distribution, air conditioning, lighting and monitoring power distribution

  • Single-phase 16/32A rPDU

  • Optional ATS dual input

Cooling system

  • Rack type 12.5kW air conditioner

  • Energy-saving EC fan

  • The inverter compressor matches different cooling capacity

  • Work with cabinet and channels system to save energy

  • Latest air supply

Cabinet system

  • 19'' standard cabinet

  • Bear 1500kg

  • Front glass door, 300 wide cold channel

  • Cold channel is closed to ensure cooling effect and reduce PUE

  • Cabinet top emergency fan

  • Top trunking

Monitoring system

  • 1U high-performance monitoring host

  • UPS and air conditioner monitoring

  • Temperature and humidity monitoring

  • Leakage monitoring

  • Smoke sensor

  • Emergency fan start at high temperature

  • IPAD display screen supports mobile operation and maintenance

  • Applet of Wechat for convenient operation and maintenance


Green Energy Saving

  • Near-end cooling of rack type air conditioner

  • Combine closed cold channel

  • EC fan and inverter compressor

  • Lateral air supply to reduce the impedance

  • Integrated design to save the machine room area

High Reliability

  • STULZ quality assurance

  • Reliable heat dissipation ensures no local hot spots and improves the reliability of equipment operation

  • High protection class

  • The productization of the system reduces the failure caused by the field integration construction andimproves the availability

Intelligent Management

  • Integrated power and environment monitoring platform

  • Data center room temperature,humidity and smoke detection

  • UPS power distribution and air conditioner monitoring

  • Emergency fan control

  • Open interface for integration into third-party monitoring

  • Single supplier oriented, easier operation and maintenance

Quick and Flexible

  • Standard modules to reduce early design time

  • Factory prefabrication and rapid assembly

  • Integration of modules, adding modules for capacity expansion

  • Construction in batches for growth-type enterprises and rapid development of matching business

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