STULZ Explorer

Cooling for mission critical systems

The STULZ Explorer is a chiller suitable for a variety of applications. The Explorer series allows STULZ to offer a budget-optimized, state-of-the-art chiller with the high flexibility it takes to meet a wide range of customer requirements.

Solutions for Explorer chillers

  • Indirect Free Cooling

  • For use in the IT sector

  • For large Data Centers



  • Reliability

    The chiller has deliberately been kept robust and flexible. The components and installation logic have been combined in such a way as to ensure the maximum reliability and accessibility of components during service and maintenance work.

  • Efficiency

    The STULZ Explorer belongs to the upper energy classes and proves itself to be the ideal compromise between CAPEX and OPEX considerations.

  • Flexibility

    Thanks to its modular design, the STULZ Explorer can be flexibly extended, while its various options allow it to be adapted to specific projects.

  • Functional design

    The clear layout and position of functional components guarantee easy installation and fast access (Note: maintenance is already mentioned above).

  • Standardized components

    By using state-of-the-art components that are commonly found on the market, rapid availability of spare parts is guaranteed.

  • Innovative control

    STULZ's own control system with touch display enables the STULZ Explorer to be perfectly integrated in existing systems.

Optimized coil surfaces

  • The V-shaped condenser modules installed perpendicular to the unit enable greater modularity, optimum air distribution and good service accessibility
  • The use of microchannel coils reduces the depth of the heat exchangers and increases efficiency through improved heat transfer
  • The design of the microchannel coils ensures lower air-side resistance and reduces the filling quantity of refrigerant
  • Natascha Meyer, Product Manager

    "Robust design and efficiency are united!"

Compressor chamber

The low-noise version facilitates lower noise levels thanks to the closed compressor chamber and fan speed reduction.

Variety of options for the STULZ explorer



  • Refrigerant R410A

  • V-shaped condenser coil with microchannel technology

  • Electronic expansion valve as standard

  • AC fans


Control and monitoring  

  • C2020 controller for control and monitoring 
  • Touchscreen in two different sizes, incl. Ethernet connection
  • Intuitive navigation 
  • Easy and fast software updates via USB stick
  • SD card slot for expanding the memory 
  • Various menu languages available for selection 
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